Partiality Mods use Partiality Launcher to hook the game code and mod the game.

To use Partiality Launcher and its mods,

  1. Download the launcher from this link.
  2. Extract the .zip file anywhere you want.
  3. Execute 'Partiality Launcher.bat'
  4. Press 'File' at the top left, then 'Open Game'. Find the game's exe and select it. Check the 'Local Files' folder in your Steam game page.
  5. Once you have it selected, press 'Apply Mods' at the bottom. It will patch the game and create folders.
  6. Navigate back to Rain World's folder, and put mods' dlls in 'Mods' Folder.
  7. Re-launch Partiality Launcher, and enable/disable mods as needed.
  8. Press 'Apply Mods', and when it asks to launch the game press 'Yes'.

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