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Expedition adds a new challenge mode to the game. Generate a list of random or hand-picked challenges and embark as Monk, Survivor or Hunter to complete them. Finishing an expedition will award points which count towards unlocking new perks and abilities for you to use in future runs, or even burdens to increase the difficulty in a variety of ways in exchange for more points.

The burdens include:

  • Hunted: Predators always know where you are, and they are coming.
  • Starved: You begin each cycle malnourished and prone to exhaustion.
  • Blinded: All regions become shrouded in darkness.
  • Doomed: Adjustable cycle limit, more points are earned for fewer cycles.
  • Despised: Minimum reputation with all creatures, hunted by Scav death squads.
  • Pursued: New creatures may appear in previously visited rooms to ambush you.
  • Soaked: Intermittent rain occurs through the cycle.

You can find more detailed information about the mod from it's GitHub page below: