How to install

How to install

Rain World Drought is a full expansion to Rain World created in 2019 by Dracentis, riv otter, Aurora, Agness, Garrakx, topicular, and Accepting Light Unbound. It features a new slugcat, The Wanderer, who is black and has 3 white rings on its tail. The Wanderer has the same diet as the Survivor, but with the Hunter's spawns, with the additional ability to be able to double-jump by slowing down time momentarily. Extensive use of double jumping will cause the slugcat to lose food pips, so it should be used only when necessary.

The Wanderer begins its journey in a new region called Forest Sanctuary, with a golden pearl. This region can be characterized by having more colorful flora than any other region in the game.

This expansion also features new creatures: Dragon Dogs, Grey Lizards, and Sea Drakes. Both are hostile to the slugcat and are significant threats in the game.

Installation Instructions Edit

Rain World Drought is a Partiality mod, requiring Partiality Launcher v0.3.11 or later. Simply drag 'Rain World Drought.dll' into the 'Mods' folder in your Rain World installation folder.Then merge the 'Rain World' folder from this mod with the 'Rain World' installation folder. Finally, run Partiality, check the 'Rain World Drought' checkbox and install the mod.

To uninstall the mod, go into the properties of Rain World in your steam library, and run "Verify Integrity of Game Cache". This will remove all mod changes done to Rain world.

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