Substratum is a work in progress mod created by DryCryCrystal and Woodensponge.

The region takes place in an old massive facility created before the iterators.

Accessible through Chimney Canopy, Shoreline, Filtration System, and Outskirts.

The mod will contain a dll that adds new room features for devtools. This dll will allow use for other regions that wish to make use of the features.

Included will be the modified editor, which features dual palette neon signs and custom tiles.

Subregions Edit

  • The Surface
    • The entrance to the facility containing the main walk space of the ancients and acts as a monitoring area of the subdivisions.
  • Subdivision A: Pipe Works
    • A dark massive system of pipes created for filtering and fueling water and other liquids whilst draining the facility, surrounding the Suppression Array.
  • Subdivision B: Suppression Array
    • The core of the facility that creates strange effects throughout the facility and to slugcat... that is largely a mystery.
  • Subdivision C: Western Power Supply
    • The western power supply is one of two energy storage subdivisions for the facility for when the worst happens and no new power can be generated, this subdivision has been severely damaged.
  • Subdivision D: Eastern Power Supply
    • The eastern power supply is the other of the two energy subdivisions, in much better shape than its counterpart, it still retains most of its original power.
  • Off-site:
    • A separate area from the main site, existing to serve as a monitoring and backup site for the main one if it were to fail.

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