The Lancer modifies the combat system to be focused on melee. There are two versions of mods available: Config Machine version which users can configure the mod but requires Config Machine, or unconfigurable version.


The mod is designed with compatibility in mind, so it is possible to play as a Lancer version of other slugcat mods. It is better to use the Config Machine version if you have one, but you must install only one version at a time.

  • Lancer Mod's default config
  • Hidden Grapecat mode
With the Config Machine version, you can turn on and off every feature of Lancer mod. Disabling all but pulling out embed spear and one-handed spear will enable hidden Grapecat mode.

Pup mode will add extra difficulty to platforming and new stories for each character. This new story will not be used if the user is already using any story-modifying mod with this(e.g. Rain World Drought)

Lancer's iconic horn allows slugcat to pierce vulture's mask on itself (hold grab shortly), so slugcat can use both hands without needing to hold the mask. This will make lizards fear slugcat much less in penalty.

Melee CombatEdit

Lancer cannot throw a spear, but it can stab in a quick section. Using the same spear repeatedly will increase chances to get it stuck in a creature's body. You can pull this spear out by pressing up + grab, however, it takes time and gives you vulnerable moments.

This can be prevented by sharpening the spear beforehand. Double-tapping grab key with both spear and rock will sharpen the spear drastically, indicated by sparkling particles over the spear in slugcat's paw. Repeated sharpening is unproductive, but you can resharpen it after the spear gets dull for extended use. Sparkling spear will grant a small damage boost for the first few hits.
Lancer rocket jump

Lancer performing rocket jump

In default, lancer can pull out spear stuck on the wall, but this will make the spear very dull so it is advised to resharpen it before using it on combat.

Lancing while sliding will give the lancer a great momentum boost. Stabbing in the same direction to its slide will boost horizontally, and the opposite direction to stab the ground and swap the momentum vertically.

Monk-Lancer, which has harder difficulty than Survivor or Hunter, will get exhausted with repeated stabbing. Not just for Monk, all Lancer will use its air when it is attacking underwater.

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